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During the month of June, you can find the most amazing sales in London. Shops like Harrods, Harvey Nichols, The Kooples, YOU NAME IT,  are all discounting the summer collections between 30 – 50% off. Many Londoners wait patiently for this time to get the best deals on summer essentials.

Today I want to curate some of my favorite pieces on sale from one of my favorite shops, Maje. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Maje is a chic Parisian high-street brand that represents feminine and bohemian fashion.  Many of their items are always in the cool girls it-list. What better way to get your hands on some of their classic pieces than on sale!

These pieces are not only of amazing quality and will be with you for years to come, but  many of them are versatile enough to be used during the colder spring and fall months.

1. Pleated tie-dye skirt£146.3 9 (from £209)

I love this skirt because it’s so unusual to find a long pleated skirt in multiple colours, making it a special piece that stands out from the crowd. The purple/white colour combination is a beautiful from spring to summer. The only downside is that the purple colour will limit the colours you can use for your top. As long as you stick to basic colours like white, black or shades of pink and purple to complement it, you will look amazing.

2. Short crepe dress with ruffles£146.3 (from £209)

This is a really cute dress that’s easy to throw on and go with little to no effort. If you want to dress it up, all you have to do is add a belt and accessorize with big earrings or bangles and swap your flats for pumps.

Styling tips: In the spring you can pair with white boots, in the summer with wedges and in the fall with black pumps and  black blazer on top. It’s a must piece!

3. Crepe skort£111.3 (from £159)

I actually own a pair of these shorts and I loved them because the I find the colour pairs so harmoniously well with many different colours like white, black, other shades of pink, blue, lilac and even greys. Light pink is also a colour that will never be out of style so you will be using it year after year. The high waisted fit is flattering to most body types because it accentuates the waist which defines your body better and makes you look slimer. 

Styling tips: You can use them in the spring with white booties,  a white shirt and a pink blazer. In the summer, pair them with pink pumps and a white shirts. In the fall, use them with black knee-high boots and a black blazer for a night out.  

 4.  Jumper with low neckline at the back – £104.5 (from £209)

This jumper is also available in black on sale. Both colours are great for spring, chilly summer day/nights and in the crisp air of fall. I love that it has a very sexy opening in the back which makes the piece unique and memorable. 

 5. Embroidered denim jacket£188.3 (from £269)

Who doesn’t need a jean jacket in the summer? I personally love pairing all of my summer dresses when it’s chilly in the morning with a basic denim jacket. I love this one because it’s a light shade of blue which pairs really well with bright colored dresses. It also has some cute patchwork in the front which makes it look very cool and it’s not too long. 

 6. Flowing long-sleeved shirt – £129.5 (from £185)

This shirt is a must-have piece in your closet. It’s white (a neutral colour) which makes it easy to pair with almost anything like jeans, work pants or skirts.  The light and flowy material makes it ideal for warmer months. Nevertheless , it can also be used under blazers in the spring and fall. Chic and effortless!

 7. Flounced skirt with lace £92.5 (from £185)

This is such a cute ruffled skirt. It takes you from office to bar on Thursdays by just swapping your work shoes for some sexy pumps It also looks great with basic colored tees tucked in for a more casual look or you can dress it up with off-shoulder tops like the one below for a more bohemian look. The black colour means you never have to worry about staining it.  

8. Leather biker jacket£370.3 (from £529)

I absolutely love the light grey colour of this leather jacket because you can use it all year long. Greys and pinks in spring, greys and whites in the summer and greys and blacks in the fall/winter months. It’s such a versatile colour that makes it worth the splurge. 

 9. Ruffle smocked dress£125.4 (from £209)

I love this dress because you can create quite a few looks with just one piece. The dress is quite simple which allows you to dress it up in different ways by using different belts, shoes, accessories and jackets. Great piece to own!

10. Quilted leather heart saddlebag£167.3 (from £239) 

This is an adorable little beige heart-shaped purse that can be used as a belt bag. It also brings a golden chain that can be used to wear it either cross body or on your shoulder. You can also just use it as a clutch and hold it in your hand. The beige colour makes it easy to pair with almost any outfit because it’s a basic colour that goes with every other colour in the colour wheel.



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