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White booties have been a trend for a couple of seasons. When they first came out, I thought it would be just a fad. Yet I see them more and more on the catwalk and magazines than ever before. It seems like white booties are here to stay for good.

I totally get it! For many of you (including me!) styling white booties can be intimidating. They really stand out with any outfit which can make it challenging to feel comfortable wearing them.

If you are thinking of buying your first pair and you’ve never styled them before, I recommend you go for an all white outfit to start. A white dress jumper is perfect for autumn. It looks super chic and it makes the white booties blend in with the rest of your outfit.

white booties

Once you’ve nailed that look, you can opt for an all black outfit which will make your booties stand out more and be the focus of your look. It’s still super easy to style as you have only 2 colours to play with. If you want to add more colour, top off your look with a coat in a third colour like the examples below. Otherwise stick to an all black outfit and white coat or an all white outfit with black coat for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Once you’re comfortable with those three looks, use basic colours like black, white, beige, navy and greys of shade to style your white booties. Incorporate check coats that will give texture to your outfit.  See examples below.

By now, you’re a total pro at styling your booties 4 different ways (1-white + white booties, 2-black + white booties, 3-black/white, different colour coat + white booties, mix of neutrals outfit + white booties) .  The next step is to add bold colours to your outfit. In the example below, she wears a red jumper but uses a checks scarf in black and white which bring the shoes together with the rest of the outfit. Check out my post on colour coordinating your outfits for a more detail look on how to incorporate colours.

white booties2

I hope you enjoyed my article and found it useful! If you have other dieas, do let me know how do you style your white booties! Leave comments below and if you have questions on my styling tips, as always, feel free to reach out to me directly through my contact options 🙂




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