The temperatures are starting to soar and you’re ready to take out your summer wardrobe. Is your handbag collection ready for summer? I’ve round up the top 5 summer bag trends to complement your summer wardrobe.

Round Bag
Summer Bag

1. The round bag

Round bags might seem like an odd shape to choose but they actually fit quite a lot of things. They come in various sizes and colours to fit your needs. A large one is perfect for a beach getaway while a small one looks chic with your summer dress.

2. The macrame bag

Macrame bags are one of the top summer bag trends this season. From Cult Gaia to Topshop, everyone has their own version made of macrame rope. They add texture to any wardrobe and take your from beach to street look. You will find many variations in shape and size. Since it’s knitted, consider how much you will need to fit inside before you buy it so that you don’t overstuff it. Some of them are not lined which make it harder to fit smaller items.

3. The straw bag

Straw bags are a staple of summer. They are rectangular in shape and can hold an array of things from beach towels to kid’s toys and keep their shape very well. Many are embellished with pom poms, tassels and cute braided scripts. You can never go wrong with a straw bag.

4. The net bag

This bag has slowly been gaining momentum since last summer and it’s a perfect alternative to your beach tote bag. There are many great things about the fishnet bag. First of all, it’s incredibly light and easy to store and carry with you. It’s also quite inexpensive as it’s mainly made of cotton yarn. It’s also serves multiple purposes; you can use it for your grocery run, to the beach and event for that city look, The only downfall is that everyone can see what you are carrying.

5. The Woven Bucket Bag

The bucket bag has been an iconic bag for many years. Originally made famous by Louis Vuitton as a utilitarian bag to carry up to 5 bottles of champaign, the bucket bag is a classic. Reinvented season after season, the woven bucket bag can make any summer outfit look classic and chic.


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